Common Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury lawyer regularly handles a number of case types that vary greatly. In no particular order, here are ten common types of cases he or she handles:

1. Auto Accidents
Auto accidents are incidents that occur when a vehicle collides with anything else—whether it is an animal, another vehicle, a utility pole, a tree, or a person.

2. Defective Products
Defective products can harm or kill a consumer. From design to manufacturing to labeling, the production process may render a product defective at any point.

3. Dangerous or Defective Drugs
Whether over-the-counter or prescribed by a doctor, drugs can sometimes be defective and dangerous, resulting in physical, emotional, or psychological harm to an individual. History has repeatedly shown that although a drug may gain FDA approval, it may still be dangerous for consumption.

4. Medical Malpractice
In instances of medical malpractice, a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional may breach the standards of medical care in the medical community, potentially resulting in injury or worse to a patient.

5. Maritime Accidents
Maritime literally means connected with the sea and therefore maritime accidents are accidents that happen at sea. The ocean is vast and accidents involving sea-going vessels—whether on ships, barges, or oil rigs—occur with unfortunate frequency.

6. Product Liability
Product liability cases are focused on the liability of companies for injury or death of a consumer stemming from dangerous or defective products. These cases sort out who is responsible for incidents in a product’s chain of distribution, whether it be the manufacturer, the installer, or the seller of the product.

7. Wrongful Deaths
A wrongful death case involves legal action against an individual or individuals who may be responsible for a death, often by negligence or misconduct. Wrongful death claims frequently involve automobile accidents but may also involve scenarios such as medical malpractice or defective products.

8. Workplace Accidents
Accidents regularly occur at workplaces, whether the injury is psychological or physical. As with all the case types on this list, having a Houston personal injury lawyer is crucial to getting the justice one deserves in such scenarios.

9. Slip and Falls
Slip and fall cases occur when, for example, a custodian or property owner is negligent in property maintenance, upkeep, or repair, and an individual slips, trips, or falls, resulting in injury, or worse. Although details vary by case and local law, it is the responsibility of a property owner or custodian to keep a property safe.

10. Dog Bites
Dogs bite millions of people in America every year, and the Houston area is no exception. Many of the bites are harmless, but some dog bites are serious enough to require medical assistance, such as an emergency room visit. Dog bite cases can be very complex, something a Houston personal injury lawyer is prepared to handle.

Getting Help

Anyone involved in any these case types should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately.