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These are just a few of the causes of fire and burn injuries:

  • Auto Fires: In the event of a car crash, you may be burned by an explosion, friction due to impact, a defective product, or other factors.
  • Smoking: According to the National Fire Protection Agency, in 2008, smoking-material fires caused 680 deaths, 1,520 civilian injuries, and $737 million in direct property damage.
  • Industrial Fires: Unsafe working conditions on construction sites or faulty electrical equipment are both factors in industrial fire-related burns.
  • Wildfires: Many wildfires are the result of human error, whether that is burning debris, arson, or carelessness. If you witness a wildfire, you should report it to the Texas Forest Service immediately.
  • Defective Flame Retardant Clothing: Workers in a number of professions are required to wear flame retardant clothing for protection. If your gear is defective, you may suffer serious burn injuries.

Fire and burn injuries are often preventable. Our Houston burn injury lawyers are knowledgeable about the causes of burns and your rights to compensation. Find out how we’re here to help today.