Many Are Filing An Xarelto Lawsuit Due To The Risks And Side Effects

by Terry Bryant

It may be a promising new medication in the struggle against various cardiovascular problems, but Xarelto is already attracting lawsuit action due to its risks and side effects. In general, doctors accept that blood thinners are going to be riskier than normal, given their mechanism of action, but rivaroxaban is particularly dangerous. Even warfarin, which has also been the subject of legal action, doesn’t produce the same risks that rivaroxaban does.

That’s primarily because once rivaroxaban’s side effects present, there is little that can be done to stop them. Like other blood thinners, the primary concern with rivaroxaban is that it can cause unchecked bleeding, even from a small wound. The anticoagulant effect, which protects against blood clots, is a liability when a vessel or artery breaks open. Rivaroxaban is most likely to cause dangerous hemorrhaging in the intestines or brain, and either of these are medical emergencies. What’s most troubling, though, is that unlike warfarin, there is no antidote for the bleeding that rivaroxaban causes, which makes it extremely difficult to treat its side effects.

Many surgery patients who have taken Xarelto are also joining lawsuit proceedings. Patients who take the medication while recovering from surgery are 10 times more likely to suffer an infection, as the wound will be much more likely to leak.

The FDA has called for more research on the medication, but the initial research suggests a medication that was not tested enough before being released to the public.