About Xarelto And The Bleeding Risk Associated With The Drug

by Terry Bryant

Recently made available on the market, Xarelto and the bleeding risk associated with the drug have already created a lightning rod of controversy. It passed the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process in 2011, though just for people with recent hip or knee surgery. Its use was quickly expanded to patients with atrial fibrillation shortly thereafter. However, multiple studies have demonstrated that rivaroxaban can cause serious side effects, including internal hemorrhaging.

When taking blood thinners, there is always a chance that hemorrhaging can occur following damage to a vessel. However, a study in 2011 demonstrated that Xarelto carries an additional bleeding risk when compared to warfarin, a drug that has been used for half a century. This study also found that rivaroxaban was no more effective in reducing cardiovascular events when compared to warfarin, making it unnecessarily dangerous.

This additional danger is something that victims have pointed to when filing suit against Johnson & Johnson. These lawsuits are just beginning to filter into the legal system, but there is a precedent that experts have pointed to when determining what the future holds for rivaroxaban. Pradaxa, a similar drug manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim, sparked several thousand lawsuits and forced the company to settle the cases for a reported $650 million.