Wrong Way on a One-Way Street

by Terry Bryant

Wrong Way Sign

What is your risk of wrong-way collision on a one-way street?

Houston is filled with freeways and feeder roads that allow traffic to flow in one direction only. Downtown is made up of intertwined one-way streets that are difficult to navigate if you do not frequent the downtown area.

Car crashes often occur on one-way streets when a driver who is not familiar with the area enters the street against the flow of traffic. Interstate entry and exit ramps are a common location of such crashes. The unsuspecting victim is lawfully driving with the flow of traffic when, suddenly, a car enters the lane out of nowhere and causes a head-on collision.

In 2012, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a special investigative report on wrong-way driving. According to the NTSB, the number of fatalities attributed to wrong way collisions is 300 each year. Among the contributing factors cited were alcohol impairment, elderly drivers, and drug impairment. The study proposed new signage and pavement markings, interchange and ramp designs, and wrong-way monitoring programs as ways to improve safety.

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