Putting Together A Workmans Comp Settlement Is Tricky

by Terry Bryant

When someone needs help putting together their workman’s comp settlements, he or she should contact a lawyer knowledgeable about the field. This form of insurance involves a series of complicated laws and procedures, and companies will occasionally use all of their resources to avoid having to pay an injured employee, even if they are at fault. It is regulated at the state level, and in Texas, the laws are particularly difficult to understand.

Workman’s comp settlements and claims are needed when an employer refuses to pay benefits that an employee is entitled to. This safety net is something that individuals rely on, and both parties agree to it because it also takes away the employee’s right to sue. If someone is rejected, they are often left no recourse to pay for medical bills, food or shelter. In Texas, the situation is even more complicated, because employers in this state don’t have to sign onto the insurance in the first place. Instead, they can put together their own plan or go without one entirely. Any employees who are hurt while on the job at one of these companies will likely have to sue to get their bills paid for, even if corporate negligence is the reason for the accident.

This means that the employee needs to prove two things – that his or her injuries are severe enough to keep them out of work, and that the company is in part responsible for them. Proving this without an attorney will be exceedingly difficult, but a lawyer familiar with these cases will know what information to gather and how to deal with the unique state laws that come up during the case.