What Should Employees Know About Workers Compensation Claims?

by Terry Bryant

Employee safety should always be a concern for every business, but even at the safest companies, worker’s compensation or non-subscriber claims are inevitable. However, if an employer has effective safety measures in place, they will greatly reduce the risk of serious on-the-job injuries. It’s these companies that potential employees should focus on, because being hurt on the job can be a disaster, both medically and financially. In a perfect world, people would be able to prioritize prospective employers by something akin to a safety rating.

At companies who make safety a priority, you should expect that before a new-hire begins their first day on the job, they should be briefed on all safety standards, and these standards should be provided in writing so there is no mistaking them. If an employee is hurt, an accident report should be produced immediately and it should coincide with the employee’s account.

It’s also important to remember that worker’s compensation claims can be complicated in Texas. That’s because Texas allows companies to opt out of state compensation programs if they choose to do so. However, opting out means they give away their protection from negligence lawsuits, so if an employee is hurt on the job, and their employer does not provide assistance, the employee may file legal action for negligence.

This can be an alternative to guaranteed assistance, which may only provide a small portion of what an employee needs. But it does come with more risk. Whether that risk is worth it, is something potential employees will have to consider before choosing a job.