A Workers Comp Attorney Can Be A Valuable Ally

by Terry Bryant

A workers comp attorney can be the most valuable ally a worker has following an accident. Whenever an incident occurs while on the job, some companies will attempt to lessen or mitigate responsibility altogether, and the tactics they use can be difficult for a victim to fight on his or her own. Also, those that are involved in an accident in Texas have to be extra careful, because nearly half of businesses are non-subscribers to this insurance, and they have to be approached differently.

The time to hire a professional is when benefits are denied, the injury is severe or permanent, or the company is a non-subscriber. In these cases, a workers comp attorney will make sure that the victim is not left destitute because of medical expenses and lost wages. Corporations have had decades to practice techniques for shirking culpability, and some will dip into their arsenal rather than pay an injured employee. In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill, news agencies reported attempts to get the affected employees to sign away their right to benefits. With a lawyer on the side of the victim, they will not be taken in by these tactics.

In Texas, those who are hurt on the job may have to contend with an employer who is a non-subscriber to this kind of insurance. For non-subscribers who are taken to court, common law rules the proceedings, and this means that proving the company’s guilt will be more difficult, but additional restitution can be gained with a successful suit. A veteran lawyer will know how to navigate these unique cases, and not get tripped up in the company’s defense.