Why It is Important to Seek a Tow Truck Injury Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 300,000 accidents annually in the United States between trucks and cars and more than 100,000 people are injured. Many of these collisions involve tow trucks, the very vehicles that are sent to help clean up after accidents. Though this may seem ironic, tow truck drivers are also human and are subject to visibility challenges and hazardous weather just like other drivers.

Tow Truck Accident Lawyers

As with any personal injury situation, it’s imperative to have someone to looking out for your interests if you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident involving a tow truck. Although the insurance carrier that represents the trucking company may seem sympathetic to your situation, at best, they have a conflict of interests. After all, it’s their job to minimize the cost of the accident for the trucking company.

Equally, it’s usually a poor idea to represent yourself in such cases. Not only do you not have the training that a personal injury lawyer has, you most likely lack the contacts and personal relationships needed to get a satisfactory settlement.  Keep in mind that most personal injury cases are settled over a conference table, not in a courtroom. The consequences are too great for you and your family to risk making a legal mistake.

A Houston tow truck injury lawyer will assist in protecting your interests by developing a thorough investigation which may include but is not limited to an accident report, black box data from the vehicles and eyewitness testimony.  The catch is that this information much be obtained early in the process to ensure the evidence is available later.