What Types Of Cases Does A Maritime Injury Lawyer Handle?

by Terry Bryant

There is a misnomer regarding the type of cases that are handled by a maritime injury attorney. While commercial fisherman may use their services, you might be surprised to find out what other types of legal cases may be pursued under the umbrella of maritime law.

While it is true that boat hands, commercial fisherman and dock workers often need this type of representation, you may actually need the services of a lawyer experienced in this area and not even be aware of it. In fact, non-commercial water-related accidents including accidents on jet-skis, accidents involving motor boats and drowning are often pursued under this type of law. In addition, workers hurt on an oil rig, passengers on cruise lines and boat owners who have their property damaged while docked may all need the services of a Texas maritime injury attorney.

While the incidents of maritime injury are far less than many other types of accidents, you still need fair representation if you are hurt, suffer a loss of property or if you have lost a loved one due to someone’s negligence. Commercial workers are typically covered under the Jones Act, which covers injuries sustained while working on a boat. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act covers those who are loading boats or otherwise involved in repairs or construction projects. Both acts provide specific recovery protections including medical bills and loss of wages.

Whether you are hurt while working on a commercial vessel, you are victimized by an intoxicated private boat owner, or a family member has drowned as the result of negligence, you may need to contact a maritime injury attorney to help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. When you are uncertain whether the bodily harm, disability or death may be covered under maritime law, it is important to ask someone qualified for help.