What to do after an Unexpected Car Crash Leads to Past Due Bills

by Terry Bryant

Serious injury + Past Due Bills = Stress

Serious injury + Past Due Bills = Stress

Far too many victims of serious car crashes do not have enough funds to maintain their standard of living—much less cover their accident-related expenses—while dealing with everything that comes along with being injured in a collision. Even if you have paid time off from work and health insurance, the paid time off may eventually run out, and health insurance copays can quickly add up.

Insurance companies may use the mounting financial pressure that occurs after a serious car crash to back you into a corner when negotiating the value of your claim. Rather than taking this as an opportunity to help you, the adjusters may use this as an opportunity to detract from your bargaining power. If you fall behind on your monthly bills and start receiving calls from collection agencies, you may be tempted to settle your claim for an amount that is less than what you may be entitled to receive.

If you have attempted to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company, do not let an adjuster pressure you into accepting a low settlement that does not fairly compensate you for your accident-related expenses. Instead, consult a legal professional to explore your rights and seek an evaluation of your claim.

If you or anyone you know has been injured as a result of an auto accident, contact a board certified personal injury attorney to evaluate your potential claim.