Using Technology in Your Travel

by Terry Bryant

Avoid Accidents with GPS

Avoid Traffic Accidents with GPS

A quick trip can quickly turn unpleasant because of unexpected traffic. These days, many drivers have tossed out their maps and rely upon their smartphones or built-in GPS to navigate them on their journeys. Why not use the same tools to avoid traffic, too?

Many apps and built-in GPS systems come with features to not only tell you how to get to your destination, but they can recommend the fastest way and the shortest path. In a city as big as Houston, it is not uncommon to punch in an address that yields three or even four recommended routes. This is all possible with technology that is able to monitor the current traffic and divert you with an alternate route, if necessary.

Choosing the right route ultimately cuts time off your trip, but it can more importantly cut the risk of a car crash, as well. It is common sense that you will reduce your likelihood of a car crash if you take the road less traveled. So, next time you hit the road, use technology to plan your route for double the benefit.

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