Uptick in Texas Traffic

by Terry Bryant

Houston Traffic

Why has Texas Traffic Gotten Worse?

Frustrated when you are late for work but left at the same time you do each morning? Can’t leave the office for lunch because you’ll never make it back in time? Tired of crawling home in the evenings? Here’s why.

According to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard, a study released by Texas A&M Transportation Institute and INRIX, Inc. this month, Houston traffic peaked last year. Houston ranks eighth nationally, coming in at a whopping 61 extra annual hours spent in cars because of delays and $1,490 in additional costs in time and fuel. Dallas-Forth Worth-Arlington comes in just behind at spot number 11, with 53 extra hours and $1,185 in additional expenses.

More unfortunately, it looks like congestion may get worse before it gets any better. Many companies are becoming more flexible by letting their employees work remotely, but the trend is not catching on quickly enough to notice a significant decrease in rush-hour traffic. That will take changes to infrastructure and traffic patterns. To keep you safe on the road during your commute, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • No cell phone
  • Use voice commands.
  • Adjust your commute and errands around peak traffic hours.
  • Carpool, if possible.
  • Don’t tailgate.
  • Beware of blind spots, especially when merging.