What Can Cause A Truck Rollover Accident?

by Terry Bryant

A truck rollover accident is terrifying and can take out several cars at once. With their incredible bulk, it only takes a single mistake to tip a commercial vehicle over, which is why drivers are expected to maintain focus at all times. This is difficult to do if the driver is fatigued, under the influence of alcohol, or driving at unsafe speeds. In the event of an accident, though, there will be several sources of information a victim can draw from to prove their claim, and there may be more than one defendant involved, improving a victim’s chances of attaining compensation.

Driver error and mechanical failure are the most common causes of a truck rollover, and it will usually be clear which is in play when a crash occurs. Police reports, witness testimony, data recordings taken from the vehicle, and a state investigation will determine who, or what, was at fault, and this information will help a victim build their case. A personal injury attorney would still prove to be a valuable ally, though, as they can parse through the available information, secure it from various agencies, and help a victim argue for as much compensation as possible. This is especially helpful if the victim is facing long-term or permanent injury, as such injuries are often more expensive to treat than may be initially apparent.