Victims Hurt In A Serious Truck Explosion Seeking A Lawyer For Help

by Terry Bryant

In the aftermath of a serious truck explosion, an injury lawyer can help you piece together the events leading up to the disaster and help you attain compensation for your suffering. The last thing anyone expects when eating out at their favorite food truck is facing down an enormous fireball, but with the sharp increase of mobile restaurants taking the roads by storm, serious accidents are inevitable. This is due to the large propane tanks these vehicles carry. Any leak, puncture or mistake while filling can make a sudden conflagration possible.

This was the case in Philadelphia, when a leaky propane tank ignited without warning and engulfed the vehicle and its surroundings in flames. Both women inside the vehicle were killed, and 11 others were hurt. While this was an unusual accident, it’s likely only a matter of time before it occurs in Houston as well. In September, Houston passed an ordinance allowing mobile restaurants into downtown and removed minimal parking distances, allowing them to park right next to each other. Vehicle owners are supposed to receive regular inspections to ensure they are complying with all safety standards. However, with so many mobile restaurants and just a few inspectors to go around, it’s likely that some of the vehicles are slipping through the cracks. This may lead to a Houston are food truck explosion before long.

A lawyer can help victims who are hurt by owner negligence, and this may be essential for keeping a victim financially stable during their recovery. The severe burns that typically result from an explosion can take months to recover from and can leave victims with some form of permanent pain or debilitation.