Why People Injured In A Truck Accident Turn To An Attorney

by Terry Bryant

When a truck accident occurs, an injury attorney can be one of the most valuable allies for a victim. An 18-wheeler wreck is often deadlier than other vehicle crashes, given the extreme size difference between commercial and passenger vehicles. Overall, incidents involving big rigs are rare, but they cause more than 100,000 injuries every year.

Defendants in an 18-wheeler wreck are usually more aggressive in undermining a victim’s claim, so these claims typically require more expertise to handle effectively. This is why many people who suffer injuries in a truck accident turn to an attorney to manage their claim. A victim can expect the company to distance itself from the accident, trying to dodge responsibility by claiming their driver is an independent contractor, or that the vehicle was only being leased. While both of these defenses have been rejected in most cases, it won’t stop a company from attempting aggressive maneuvers to avoid compensating a victim. The company will also perform their own investigation of the crash, taking photos and eyewitness accounts that will attempt to lay blame at the victim’s feet.

After an 18-wheeler accident, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can keep the process from becoming overwhelming. Often, a victim will be facing a long road to recovery, so overseeing delicate legal proceedings may not be a possibility. An experienced lawyer will pursue litigation on behalf of the victim, giving them time to heal and recover. Terry Bryant’s team of legal experts have handled thousands of commercial vehicle cases, so we can oversee the entire process, from putting together a demand package, to arguing on the victim’s behalf in court. During every phase of the case, Terry Bryant’s team will work to produce the best possible outcome for the client using detailed data and extensive knowledge of the field.