Why Victims Of A Tow Truck Accident Should Consider A Lawyer?

by Terry Bryant

When a victim has been involved in a tow truck accident, an injury lawyer may be the only option for getting everything put back together. Recovery vehicles are among the heaviest vehicles on the road, and their drivers are often encouraged to speed to crash sites. This means that recovery vehicles can be weapons in the hands of untrained and reckless drivers. Unfortunately, that is precisely the problem in the recovery industry. Drivers are often put behind the wheel well before they are ready for it.

In the aftermath of a tow truck accident, an injury lawyer will need to respond right away to solidify the case’s facts. Victims are at an immediate disadvantage because vehicle recovery companies send paid investigators to check out crashes on their behalf. Their only mission is to gather facts counter to a victim’s claim, so they are typically slanted and sometimes downright deceitful.

That’s a problem because driver error causes almost all of these crashes. Although many areas require recovery vehicle drivers to maintain a commercial driver’s license, not all areas do. Also, an industry investigation recently found that about two-thirds of all tow truck drivers are not trained well enough to do their job safely. Add in financial incentives, and the situation becomes especially ugly as drivers will be more reckless to earn a bonus.

The injuries caused by a vehicle crash can linger for a lifetime, and medical expenses are often prohibitive. That’s why victims often take the fight back into their hands and aggressively pursue compensation. And with an attorney’s help, securing a favorable settlement is entirely possible.