What To Do After A Tow Truck Accident In Houston Occurs

by Terry Bryant

When a tow truck accident occurs in Houston, it may seem a little strange. After all, these vehicles are responsible for cleaning up crashes, so they must be safe, right? Unfortunately, with their heavy mass and propensity for mechanical failure, they are often involved in serious crashes. The injuries resulting from these wrecks can affect a victim’s quality of life permanently, and they may not be able to return to work or even maintain basic daily activities. And still, these crashes are completely preventable as long as the driver is observing safety protocols.

There are several common causes of a tow truck accident in Houston. Chief among them is driver error or inattention. This is exacerbated by companies that push their drivers into responding quickly to crash sites. The pressure can cause drivers to make dangerous turns or lane changes, or miss simple safety checks when loading a vehicle for transport. Mechanical failure is another common issue, often involving cables or attachment mechanisms. This can cause the loaded vehicle to shake free and tumble into the street behind the transport vehicle. Other motorists will have almost no time to swerve out of the way, an action that can also lead to crashes.

When a transport vehicle is involved in a wreck, the cause is almost always preventable. Negligence, though, may come from the driver or the company employing the driver, so the victim may have to fight for a claim on multiple fronts. An experienced attorney will have the tools and insight to do this effectively, and ensure the victim has an aggressive presence at the negotiation table.