Accidents Caused By Tire Defects & Filing Cases

by Terry Bryant

With thousands injured every year in accidents resulting from tire defects, cases filed under the product liability laws are becoming quite common. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration works hard to place product recalls when necessary and maximize safety standards, yet oftentimes faulty products go unnoticed. In this case the traction of the vehicle is greatly impacted, which can lead to serious and even deadly car accidents and/or rollovers.

Whether there is not enough tread, the sidewall or tread has separated, or there is an unexpected release of air pressure, the driver would ultimately lose control of the vehicle threatening the safety of those in and around the vehicle. No matter what the issue may be, it can be due to manufacturing error, inadequate design, lack of safety warnings, or poor maintenance and repair by a service retailer. In addition, the age of the product is crucial as the rubber material has a limited life of up to 10 years when on a vehicle and 6 years if unused.

When an injury or fatality occurs due to tire defects, cases can be filed to prove the product was “unreasonably dangerous” and directly led to the physical result. In many cases action is taken against the manufacturer due to their strict duty for safety. A legal professional experienced in such lawsuits will determine the case’s validity as well as if it falls within any state-level time limitations. They will obtain adequate evidence, documentation on the accident, and expert guidance to prove negligence. It will need to be proven that the product had not been altered in any way prior to the incident.

Compensation is typically awarded in the form of compensatory damages to recover lost earnings, medical expenses, and pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages to ensure the imperfection is corrected and the negligent are held accountable.