Tips for driving safely on icy roads

by Terry Bryant

Driving tips to avoid accident on icy roadTips for driving safely on icy roads

As we prepare for #IceAge2 and meteorologists expect this arctic blast to last till Wednesday, there are some things Texans need to prepare for to minimize your risks if you do have to drive in icy conditions. The risk of an auto collision rises during these times.

Prepare your vehicles-make sure antifreeze levels in your radiator are sufficient to avoid freezing, heater and defrosters are working properly, check lights and flashing hazard lights, thermostats, windshield wipers, and most importantly keep a good tank of gas.

Wear proper clothing-wear heavy garments, sweaters, gloves, hats etc.

Reduce Driving Speeds-this allows you time to stop quickly when roads are icy and slick

Allow extra time to reach your destination– that way you do not feel the urge to speed.

Maintain a safe interval between you and the motorists ahead-many rear-end collisions occur because drivers forget leave space of you especially for stopping and turning.

Avoid sudden braking –avoid sudden movements of the steering wheel and pump the brake gently if you do not have antilock brakes.  Check your manual to see if you have anti-lock brakes (ABS).  If so, do not remove your foot from the brake steady pressure can be applied to the pedal.

Avoid icy overpasses and bridges– they ice up quickly

Let someone know your destination-that way you have someone checking up to see if you made it safely.