Things to Know About Tire Tread

by Terry Bryant


Tire Tread

Many newer model vehicles have automated safety features, including tire pressure monitoring systems. Although cars have gotten smart enough to sense when your tire pressure is low, no major vehicle manufacture has yet to roll out a system to monitor whether your tire tread is worn.

If you have your car serviced as recommended, your local auto mechanic should be monitoring your tire tread and mileage and advising on when to replace your tires. However, you should also be monitoring the wear and tear on your tires. Here is what to look for:

  • Uneven wear patterns
  • Cracks
  • Foreign objects
  • Wear or trauma

When you need to replace your tires depends on what type of tires are on your vehicle and how many miles are on your tires. Periodically monitor the wear and tear on your tires to anticipate when your tires will need to be replaced. New tires are an investment, but investing in quality tires can prevent problems such as flats and blow outs later down the road.

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