A Theme Park Accident Involving A Roller Coaster Or Other Ride Can Be Serious

by Terry Bryant

Theme park accidents may conjure up horrible images of roller coasters flying off the tracks, but the truth is that most incidents are more mundane. They can, however, involve serious injuries that cause a person to be permanently wounded, and this happens every year at amusement parks in the U.S. Whether it happens on a ride or on a walking path on the premises, anyone who is injured should seek out a personal injury attorney to help during the litigation process.

Many injuries happen to children on unsafe rides aimed at younger kids. These attractions tend to be neglected more often, as they are considered less risky. Roller coasters for children may fail to restrain them properly, and smaller kids may slip out and suffer injury during a fall from the car.

There were nearly 1,350 theme park accidents in 2008, and 80 of these were considered serious enough to require time in a hospital and extensive medical attention. Often, the effects of the injury may not be apparent for a while, as whiplash or internal trauma can sometimes take a while to present itself. By the time it does, it can be difficult to prove liability. In addition, workers at amusement centers are often exposed to precarious working conditions, and injuries suffered while on the job may be grounds for seeking restitution. Whatever the cause, these types of incidents will require a personal injury attorney so the victim can get the help they need. The lawyer that is experienced in these types of cases knows how to target information to present to the court, and can help speed the deposition and interrogation process necessary to receive compensation.