If You Have Been Hurt In A Truck Accident In Texas You May Have Rights To Compensation

by Terry Bryant

Texas truck accident lawyer gets a lot of work, because there are nearly 100 wrecks every day involving these vehicles. In 2009, wrecks involving 18-wheelers were responsible for around 50,000 injuries and over 3,000 deaths. On the road, these powerful and heavy machines can become instruments of death to people in passenger cars as well as the drivers themselves if they are poorly maintained or driven negligently.

In many cases, these wrecks are due to inattention or negligence on the part of the driver or the company which owns the vehicle. Brake or tire failure, fatigue, and speeding during inclement weather are all major causes of deadly incidents. Those that are harmed in one should seek out the expertise of a Texas truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. These experts can pinpoint the reasons for the incident and determine whose fault it was. They will be able to gather the information that the victim cannot, and craft a powerful case out of it.

When looking for a professional, only those that have a long history of experience in accident cases should be considered. Though there isn’t a specialized field of study for these incidents, some attorneys dedicate a good portion of their caseload to it, and these experts are the ones to call. They know what likely causes to look for when investigating the incident, and will be able to gather information faster. This is important, as these cases are often time sensitive. It is also imperative that the attorney know all relevant state traffic regulations and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration guidelines, as these are mandatory for all freight vehicle drivers.