A Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer Helps Hurt Seamen Regularly

by Terry Bryant

A Texas area offshore injury lawyer regularly helps seamen working in the Gulf of Mexico and Houston ship channel, providing them with an option if they are hurt while on the job. And accidents are common at sea. Vessels do not make for the most stable, safest work conditions, and even experienced seamen can be hurt if the vessel is not equipped and maintained properly. And when seamen are hurt, they cannot turn to the state for compensation. Instead, they have to turn to the Jones Act and the attorneys that know how to use it.

The Jones Act is perhaps the most powerful tool a Texas area offshore injury lawyer has. Because seamen do not have access to state compensation programs, they are instead given the legal right to sue an employer for negligence through the Jones Act. And this federal statute also increases the liability that vessel owners and employers have to their workers, so seamen don’t have to clear the same high bar of proof that most negligence claims demand.

However, only qualified seamen receive these extra rights. As long as a seaman spends at least 30 percent of their time on a navigating vessel, though, they will qualify. What constitutes a navigating vessel and a seaman’s exact work schedule are often points of contention, so an attorney will focus on demonstrating both in their client’s favor.

Without compensation through the state, maritime workers are at greater risk, but the Jones Act helps mitigate it to a large extent. And an experienced maritime attorney can take full advantage of it.