Testosterone Drug Lawyers Can Represent Men Harmed By Treament

by Terry Bryant

Recent studies into hormone replacement have cast a lot of doubt on testosterone drug supplements, and injury lawyers are hearing from men around the country who have been harmed by this treatment. For years, doctors have prescribed hormone replacement therapy for men suffering from hypogonadism, a condition that only affects 5 percent of the male population. Exaggerated marketing, though, has produced a boom in hormone supplement sales, leading doctors to prescribing products to men who do not require them. This is a serious problem, because researchers now believe that these supplements can cause major heart problems.

Two studies, one in The New England Journal of Medicine and one in The Journal of the American Medical Association both reached the same conclusion. Hormone replacement therapy can increase the chances of experiencing serious cardiac events by as much as six percent. This includes heart attack, congestive heart failure, and stroke, all of which can kill or disable a victim. It is not yet clear why these products are so dangerous, but researchers recommend doctors practice caution when prescribing testosterone drug supplements. Unfortunately, injury lawyers regularly represent victims who were given treatment they didn’t need, and dozens of claims have already pointed out malpractice on the part of careless doctors.

Living with heart problems is terrifying, and too many victims have developed them for no other reason than they were persuaded to take supplements they didn’t need. These victims have legal rights and should consider using them to fight back against negligent pharmaceutical companies and doctors.