What Is The Reason Behind Talcum Powder Lawsuit Preparations

by Terry Bryant

Although studies have demonstrated dangers with talcum powder for decades, lawsuit preparations are just now beginning in earnest around the country. Part of the reason for the lag in litigation is due to misinformation. Johnson & Johnson, in particular, has ignored the mounting evidence against the safety of its products and has refused to release any safety alerts or recalls. The FDA has also lagged behind in this area, even though international organizations are beginning to acknowledge the substance as a possible carcinogen.

The problem with talcum powder, and the reason behind lawsuit preparations, is that it can increase the chances of developing ovarian cancer. As a member of the silicate family, talcum is simple to break down into granular form and is not easy for the body to neutralize if it manages to embed in internal tissues. The products in question are used for feminine hygiene reasons, and if silicate particles manage to enter the vaginal canal during application, they can easily settle in the body and cause prolonged inflammation. Over time, this inflammation may cause cancerous tissue to form.

Though both Johnson & Johnson and the FDA have not sided with victims thus far, at least one federal judge already has. The judge awarded a large settlement to a woman who developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson products for more than 30 years. Industry experts believe that this likely means the company will soon face more litigation.