Take a Hike: How to Stay Safe Outdoors (and In!)

by Terry Bryant

Hiking dangers

Think ahead to avoid dangers.

Outdoor enthusiasts hike trails and mountains. Some take their interests indoors to rock climbing walls and other activities designed to fulfill their thrill-seeking personalities.

Regardless of whether you take a hike outdoors or indoors, you need to be aware of your surroundings and potential safety hazards. It is also a good idea to make sure you have the proper equipment.

Outdoor hiking involves risks of sharp drop-offs, loose rocks, and slippery terrain. With the weather changing on a moment’s notice, the trial can change just as quickly. Indoor activities like rock climbing involve risks of faulty equipment.

To avoid potential safety hazards, think ahead. Know the trail and the risks before embarking on an outdoor (or indoor) adventure unprepared. Many trails are regularly maintained by a public or private entity, but the trails are always evolving due to natural elements, which could create safety hazards.

Likewise, indoors, equipment eventually wears from day-to-day use. Ask an indoor facility when they last performed a safety inspection to make sure any course and equipment is up-to-date.