There Are Many Symptoms Of Mesh Complications

by Terry Bryant

Most symptoms of mesh complications may be minor, even unnoticeable at first. Over time, though, they can cause serious damage to the body, requiring emergency surgery and leaving the patient in much worse shape than before they received the treatment. Many medical experts are surprised the procedure was ever approved for widespread use as basic research into the treatment has demonstrated an unacceptably high rate of medical issues. In fact, just three years after the procedure was approved for general use in patients, the FDA began stressing the importance of alternatives to healthcare providers.

Unfortunately, the reversal comes too late for thousands of women who are already suffering from symptoms of mesh complications. These victims face chronic pain, internal bleeding, infections, organ damage and relapse of stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, among others. According to the FDA, more than 10,000 women received the procedure in 2010, and initial studies into the treatment show that there are problems in about 15-20 percent of women who receive the sling.

The lack of research into the procedure is a major failure on the part of sling manufacturers and healthcare providers. Because these manufacturers neglected to examine their products thoroughly, they have put thousands of women through unnecessary medical problems. This is why more women who have been hurt by the procedure are looking into exercising their legal rights.