During A Swimming Pool Accident Who Has Liability

by Terry Bryant

During a swimming pool accident liability is not usually the first thing the injured person or family thinks about. Folks do not often think that contacting a lawyer is the first course of action, but it should be strongly considered. A small fall or slip can have lasting ramifications, and an insurance agent often shows up offering a check for damages along with some forms to sign releasing the company from further damages.

Who is protecting the people? Where is the public’s protection?
A qualified personal injury lawyer knows how to protect the interest of the injured and their family. In Texas, Terry Bryant is the board certified, accredited lawyer with over 25-years of experience in getting people the financial compensation and justice they deserve. The former judge works aggressively for the people, the injured, and the wronged.

What are some examples of negligence in a swimming pool accident where liability falls on the property owner?
A poorly maintained structure and the surrounding area can lead to injury. Water splashes over the sides, and the resulting water on the concrete or decking can lead to falls and slips. Those can lead to brain injury, concussions, and even death. Debris such as broken glass can lead to lacerations and subsequent infection. The victim deserves compensation for their injury and suffering.

Poor supervision and fencing can lead to accidental deaths. No one wants to lose a family member, and fences and gates are required to ensure the safety and security of everyone. If a tragedy strikes, the family deserves to be compensated for their pain and suffering.

In a swimming pool accident the liability usually falls on the property owner. Even if the liability is not clearly evident, a qualified lawyer can listen to the story and decide if there is just cause to pursue a lawsuit. Get the help deserved and contact a certified attorney with plenty of experience.