Swim Smart

by Terry Bryant

Boating Swimming Dangers;

Boating & Swimming Dangers

Labor Day is time for outdoor adventure.  With that comes swimming in pools, boating on lakes, and tubing down rivers. It’s all fun and games until someone swims out of their depth, falls out of the boat, or tubes into rough waters.

Keep these valuable pointers in mind to swim smart over Labor Day weekend:

  1. Know Your Depth — It’s easy to get carried into deeper waters, especially when swimming in natural bodies of water. Be sure to pay attention to depth markers on the sides of pools and be familiar with natural bodies of water before jumping into
  2. Identify the Current — Don’t let yourself get carried too far from shore by a current. When distracted by friends, it’s easy to be swept away from where you started.  To avoid this, pick a point of reference on shore and keep an eye on it to gauge your distance.
  3. Drink Responsibly — Yes, Labor Day is a day away from the office. However, it’s no reason to get carried away with alcohol.  Over the course of the day, you may lose track of how much alcohol you’ve consumed.  The sun may also have an effect on how your body processes alcohol.  Be sure to pace yourself and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before entering the water.  Also, be aware of your alcohol consumption if operating a boat to avoid an accident.
  4. Gear up — Whether you need a life jacket because you’re young and learning to swim or because you’re enjoying water sports, be sure to pick one that fits properly to avoid the risk of drowning. Properly fasten the life jacket as the instructions provide.

If you or a friend has been injured while swimming, contact a board-certified personal injury lawyer to evaluate your potential claim.