Swim Safety

by Terry Bryant


Swimming Safety

What kids should know about pool safety?

Spring break means swimming in the minds of many young children. Parents should be on high alert when supervising children in pools this early in the swim season. If you are taking a spring vacation to any destination with a pool or open water, instruct your children on the following safety points:

  • Buddy up—never swim alone. Always swim with someone you can trust to get help in case of an emergency.
  • Do a depth test—swimming in the deep end is a rite of passage. However, make your children show that they are strong enough to swim without touching the bottom before allowing them to swim in the deep end.
  • Test your skills—young children who first learned to swim last summer may not realize they have forgotten how to swim. Older children may have forgotten more advanced swim skills. It may be a good idea to schedule refresher lessons for your child.

Parental supervision is an important part of water safety. Educate your children on safe swimming, but also do your part in watching over them while they enjoy the water.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an a swimming accident, contact a board certified personal injury attorney to evaluate your potential claim.