How Can An Attorney Assist Victims With SUV Rollover Cases

by Terry Bryant

SUV rollover cases have become so common in recent years that vehicle manufacturers have had to institute several recalls. These vehicles are built with narrow track widths and higher bodies, giving them a much higher center of gravity. This combination is deadly when making sharp turns, as a slight bump or pothole can send the vehicle flipping end over end. Making the problem worse is poor vehicle construction, as these autos have a tendency to cave in when flipping.

Attorneys that take on SUV rollover cases often assist people who have been grievously hurt in a crash. As the cabin tumbles, it is common for passengers to collide with the ceiling, causing traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, fractures, or other serious complications. Every year, thousands of deaths are caused by this design oversight, and manufacturers regularly have to pay out settlements.

These claims are considered product liability cases. So the victim will need to show that their injuries were caused by an inherent flaw in the vehicle’s design or manufacturing and that they were operating the vehicle safely at the time. An attorney specialized in vehicle accident claims will be able to demonstrate this to the court or during the settlement phase, attaining the compensation deserved for the victim or surviving family members.