What To Do When An SUV Rollover Occurs

by Terry Bryant

An SUV rollover is one of the deadliest accidents that can happen on the road, and though these vehicles are only involved in three percent of all crashes, they still account for approximately 10,000 fatalities every year. That is a number informed by poor vehicle design, and this unsafe approach to sports utility vehicles has persisted for many years. And though vehicle manufacturers have since claimed to focus on improving safety, there remain questionable design decisions that seem to run counter to this assertion. The cost is a human one, with loved ones and entire families badly harmed by the inherent design flaws in these vehicles.

When an SUV rollover occurs, it is usually due to the high center of gravity built into these vehicles. Sports utility vehicles are built taller than other automobiles and with a narrow base width, making them extremely top heavy. And because these vehicles are advertised as heavy duty transporters, their owners frequently load them up with lots of cargo and passengers, making them even more unstable. This can lead to the vehicle tipping over, even at low speeds, when making turns or avoiding obstacles in the road. And because they are no longer built with rollover bars, a safety feature taken out when the vehicles were adapted for family use, cabin integrity is extremely poor compared to the force it experiences during a crash. This is a large reason these crashes often result in devastating injuries.

Automotive manufacturers could fix these issues if they were so inclined, but they don’t appear to be. So when a loved one is harmed by their negligence, make sure that all legal options are exhausted in recovering fair compensation. That’s the only way to show a manufacturer how severe their negligence is.