Staying Safe at The Big Game 51 – at NRG and at Home

by Terry Bryant

It’s exciting to be at the center of the sports world. Houston is brimming with anticipation as we prepare to host our third Big Game. Football fans from around the country, along with some from around the globe, are filling our city to witness the biggest event in American sports.

Attending a Big Game is an incredible experience, one that comes at a steep price. CBS Sports recently reported that the average cost of a ticket to the Big Game 51 is $4,744. In fact, the largest ticket price recorded for this year’s Big Game is nearly $75,000.

For many football lovers, the price they pay for the ticket is well worth it. But to have the best experience possible, it’s best to be prepared. If you are attending the Big Game 51, you likely have your tickets, lodging and travel lined up. However, you might be asking yourself if there is anything you should keep in mind when it comes to safety.

Safety concerns are completely warranted at any sporting event, especially at an event as massive as the Big Game. To help make sure that your gridiron experience is as safe as possible, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Take These Precautions When Attending the Big Game 51

  • If you are attending the game with a child, always keep them in sight and designate a spot to meet up in case you are separated.
  • If you are attending the game with an older adult with a medical condition, make sure they have any necessary medications on hand and help them as they walk up steps.
  • Be mindful of slick areas or steep flights of stairs, both of which could present a fall risk.
  • If you plan on drinking alcohol, remember that you’ll be safer if you drink in moderation. Always arrange transportation ahead of time when drinking at a game.
  • Make note of where emergency services are located at NRG Stadium. You never know when you or another fan might need assistance, and knowing where to go before an emergency arises can make all the difference.
  • Familiarize yourself with NRG Stadium’s layout before you go to the game. This map will help you navigate the stadium, along with locations of any emergency services.

To learn more about what to expect when attending the Big Game 51, check out these resources:

Safety Tips for Big Game Parties

Even if you don’t have tickets to the Big Game, you can still take steps to ensure that your Big Game party is safer for everyone. Perhaps the two biggest concerns surrounding these parties are drunk driving and food poisoning. You can avoid both by:

  • Making sure that you arrange transportation for any partygoers who are drinking alcohol.
  • Offering non-alcoholic options for those who will be driving.
  • Cutting off alcoholic beverages well before the party is over.
  • Keeping all food at a safe temperature. Here’s a food safety guide from the CDC to learn more.
  • Thoroughly washing your hands before handling food.

From diehard fans to casual viewers, the Big Game is the perfect chance to enjoy football with loved ones. We can’t wait for kickoff, and we hope you have a great time watching the game, whether you’ll be at home or in the stands. Game on!