Spring Is in the Air

by Terry Bryant

Extra Steps Prevent Injuries

Extra Steps Prevent Injuries

Spring cleaning is such a common activity that most homeowners don’t think twice about it. They simply drive to the store, pick up some cleaning supplies, and start cleaning house. Have you ever thought of spring cleaning as a way of protecting yourself against homeowner liability?

Homeowners insurance protects you against liability for many injuries that guests may sustain on the premises of your home. But going the extra step in spring cleaning can prevent many injuries ever occurring in the first place. Here are some ideas to go the extra step in your spring cleaning this year:

Check balcony railings — some barriers may have rotted during the winter months when the balcony was not in use. Be sure the barrier is stable to protect against falls.

Survey your yard — when your lawn and garden stopped growing during the winter, holes and uneven areas may have developed undetected. Survey your yard for any potential trip and fall hazards. The same goes for concrete areas such as patios and driveways.

Fix your fence — areas of your fence may have weakened. This presents hazards for both children and animals. Check your entire fence line for any weak spots or holes.

Test smoke detectors — make sure the batteries are working properly to protect you and your family in case of a fire.

If you or someone you know has been injured, contact a board certified personal injury attorney to evaluate your potential claim.