Spring Break Safety

by Terry Bryant

Spring Break Safety

Spring Break Safety

Many schools are closing their doors for spring break. Because of this, it is a common time for families take a vacation. This means more traffic on the road and more long distance travel.

Before taking off for the week, take time to have your vehicle maintained. A little extra time spent at the mechanic’s shop can give you peace of mind and potentially save time associated with breakdowns, tires problems, and preventable car crashes.

If your car is not properly maintained, it may breakdown under the stress of a long road trip. There is nothing worse than a breakdown with a car full of kids on the way to the beach. To avoid this disappointment, consult a mechanic for a general inspection.

Tire problems are also a leading cause of travel delay. You could spring a flat or experience a blowout if your tires are in poor condition. A trusted professional should check your tires for wear and tear before you take off.

Some maintenance issues may lead to preventable car crashes. For example, if your blinker is not working, another motorist may not realize you are merging lanes on the interstate. Or if your brake lights are out, someone may rear end you and cause a major traffic pile up.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident, contact a board certified personal injury attorney to evaluate your potential claim.