A Spine Injury Is Often A Result Of A Vehicle Crash

by Terry Bryant

Few medical complications are as serious as a spine injury, as they are almost always permanent and severely debilitating. Even damage to the lowest vertebrae can rob a victim of their bladder and bowel control, which is enough to lower a person’s quality of life rather dramatically. And, unfortunately, the situation is usually much worse than this. In the most severe incidents, a victim may not be able to control their body at all or may have to remain on life support.

A spine injury is typically the result of sudden physical trauma, including violence or falls. Almost half, though, are the result of a vehicle crash. During a crash, a vehicle’s occupants may be tossed around the interior of the car or flung from it entirely. Even with a seatbelt on, a victim may be pinned by another vehicle, guardrail or the ground if the vehicle is tipped over. The huge difference in weight between the victim and the vehicle all but guarantees damage to the vertebrae if a person ends up pressed against something during a crash.

Injuries to the spine can leave a person unable to take care of themselves or without the use of their legs, and victims often lose their ability to work and provide for themselves. If quadriplegia is present, a victim will need around the clock assistance to take care of basic needs. Medical expenses will quickly add up in these situations, and a victim will need to explore all of their legal options to help compensate. A personal injury attorney can provide counsel and representation in this way, ensuring a victim doesn’t have to navigate the courts alone.