When Should You Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney

by Terry Bryant

When should a person hire a Social Security Disability Attorney? When a person loses their ability to work and provide a living for themselves, it can be an extremely traumatic experience. To add to the frustration and disappointment, there is the sometimes dehumanizing process of applying for the benefits they may be entitled to.

Very few people are equipped to adequately and efficiently navigate through the tedious application process, and when you add the already heavy burden of dealing with these newfound disabilities, the process can become quite overwhelming. This is where a Social Security Disability Attorney comes in. This is a lawyer that specializes in helping individuals efficiently and effectively maneuver through the paperwork and seemingly endless issues associated with applying for their benefits.

In the case where an individual may be denied their initial claim, an appeal must be filed. The appeals process can be even more perplexing for an individual. Between attempting to gather all the proper information and documentation and insure that the information is being submitted properly, conjoined with the innate struggles associated with being disabled, the strain can prove to be too much for many people. Often times, people give up, believing that there is no hope. This is when having an experienced advocate working on your behalf really settles things and allows the individual to view things within their proper perspective.

The individual’s lawyer will be able to come in and tend to the intricacies of the application process, allowing their client the luxury of focusing on adapting and/or recovering from their disability. There is no substitute for experience and expertise; hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney will create a less stressful situation in which the individual can have confidence in the process, as well as be properly updated on the status of their case as it progresses. There is no substitute for hiring legal representation in these matters.