Slip And Fall Injuries May Require A Specialized Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

An accident resulting in a slip and fall may require a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases. These types of claims are typically based upon liability of a property owner for the accident because he or she allowed a dangerous condition.  There are four basic categories of claims: 1) Slip, 2) Stump, 3) Step, and 4) Trip.  In each circumstance, the victim falls and sustains an injury.

The law is clear that businesses have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe. Uneven sidewalks, poorly lit walkways, and stairs in disrepair are examples of potential hazards that a business owner has a responsibility to correct. For an owner to be liable for person’s injury in a slip and fall case, a lawyer must demonstrate that the owner:  1) caused the condition, 2) had knowledge of the condition, but did not remedy it, or 3) should have known of the condition—as a reasonable person would know about the condition prior to an incident occurring.  In the instance that the owner or occupier “should have known,” liability is determined through a careful decision as to whether the owner took proper steps to keep the property safe.

Following a personal injury accident, it is important to:

1.  Write a detailed account of the accident, injuries, and damages suffered.
2.  Record conversations with people involved in the claim.
3.  Preserve evidence from the accident scene, including photos.
4.  Maintain copies of any and all correspondence with other Parties.

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can assist you in determining whether you have a strong case to pursue legal remedies or not.