Searching For Birth Injury Lawyer Assistance

by Terry Bryant

A birth injury lawyer has to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves. The Bayou City is home to hundreds and hundreds of doctors, and these doctors must maintain a certain level of care when delivering a child. Pregnancy and delivery are complicated, sometimes scary parts of life where a lot can go wrong, so patients put their lives and the lives of their children in the hands of healthcare providers. A lot can go wrong, and if a doctor or nurse doesn’t respond quickly enough, or in an appropriate manner, it can leave lasting harm in the child.

A failure to monitor the child’s oxygen levels, handling the child roughly with forceps or a vacuum extractor, failing to notice birth defects or complications in the womb – all of these are common causes of serious complications following delivery. A birth injury lawyer will be familiar with cases similar to the victim’s own, and will be able to spot probable instances of negligence by perusing medical records and witness reports. In most cases, though, an attorney will need to bring expert witnesses to the stand to verify a lapse in proper care. An expert witness will be able to establish the appropriate standard of care and demonstrate where it was likely breached.

Complications during delivery can leave lasting harm, including brain damage that makes it difficult for the child to live a normal life. Medical expenses and therapy will be ongoing for much of the child’s life, and this can quickly become prohibitively expensive. An attorney can help a family manage these expenses with a successful claim, and ensure the reckless doctor is held accountable.