Scarring and Disfigurement Claims

by Terry Bryant

scar disfigurement

Many people who suffer injuries in a car wreck are concerned about medical bills and lost wages. Another important component of damages potentially available to a personal injury claimant arises from scarring and disfigurement.

Perhaps you cut yourself on a shattered windshield during a collision? Or maybe your injuries required surgery that left a permanent scar from an incision?

These residual injuries are compensable in a personal injury claim. The monetary value of a scarring or disfigurement claim depends on several factors such as visibility of the scar, age of the victim, and effect on mobility. For example, in the eyes of a jury, a young female who has a 3-inch scar across her face likely has a claim worth more than a middle aged male with a scar on his back from a surgical incision.

Regardless of the ultimate value of a scarring or disfigurement claim, it is important to document the injury through photos or videos. If it is possible to remove or reduce the scarring with plastic surgery, that procedure may also be covered as part of the claim, and the cost of it must be documented as well.