A Scaffolding Accident Is Common For Construction Site Workers

by Terry Bryant

A scaffolding accident is one of the most common, and, unfortunately, one of the deadliest incidents that can occur on a construction site. These support structures can extend a dozen or more stories into the air, leaving workers at the top at risk of dangerous falls. Unsecured tools can also tumble over the edge, causing severe trauma for anyone down below who is struck by the object. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created a number of standards to help reduce injuries, but site managers and safety personnel often ignore these regulations.

If a worker is hurt in a scaffolding accident, they may be able to attain workers’ compensation through their employer, if the employer carries the insurance. This will help cover medical expenses, lost wages, and possibly long-term disability, but it is often not enough. This is especially true if a worker has sustained a permanent disability, like paralysis. Workers’ compensation is notorious for offering paltry benefits to workers in this situation.

However, there are typically several individuals responsible for a worker’s injuries, and these parties will share liability for the incident. A personal injury attorney can help a worker pursue claims against engineers, managers, drivers, and other parties that may have contributed to an unsafe workplace. This can help an injured worker attain a settlement that will help them going forward, especially when handling medical bills or other expenses.