What To Do When In San Antonio And Involved In A Bus Accident

by Terry Bryant

When a tour group takes a trip to San Antonio, a bus accident is the furthest thing from their minds, but a crash involving a passenger vehicle can be tragic reality. Charter companies have a major responsibility to their passengers, providing safe passage to and around the Alamo City. If this duty is not met, there may be several parties responsible for any injuries. This is what differentiates these cases from standard vehicle crashes. There are many people involved in common carrier’s operations, including the driver, the charter company and the vehicle’s owner.

In San Antonio, a charter bus accident is typically caused by driver error, either on the part of the carrier operator or on the part of another motorist. If the carrier driver causes the wreck, the vehicle owner and company responsible for hiring the driver will be liable for any damages. The tour company might also share blame if they hired a vehicle service with a poor safety record. If mechanical failure is present during a crash, the vehicle owner will, again, be responsible for injuries.

If another motorist causes the crash, they will absorb liability though there may be shared liability between multiple drivers if it isn’t clear who is at fault. And finally, the tour destination may be responsible for injuries caused on their premises if they don’t provide a safe place for the vehicle to stop and let passengers on and off the vehicle.

With so many factors to consider, these cases are rarely clearly defined. That’s why victims often turn to an injury attorney to help sort through the facts.