How Does A Recall Lawyer Handle Dangerous Products?

by Terry Bryant

When a consumer agency releases information on a product recall, an injury lawyer will be one of the first people to notice it. That’s because by the time a safety alert is sent out, there may already be several injuries associated with the product. Even when a company voluntarily removes a product from the market, it may only be done after people have been hurt, or even killed by the product in question.

There are several agencies that can institute a product recall, and an injury lawyer monitors them all to ensure consumers are protected. These agencies include the FDA, which handles any alerts related to food or drug products, the NHTSA, which releases safety alerts related to motor vehicles, and the CPSC, which oversees product safety for a variety of other consumer items, like furniture and clothing.

The FDA divides its safety alerts into multiple classes, depending on how much of a risk the defective item in question is. The FDA, along with other consumer protection agencies, also make a distinction between voluntary and mandatory alerts. A voluntary alert tends to involve items that could cause injury, but aren’t an immediate threat to more than just the product owner. Occasionally, an agency may force mandatory removal of a product if it has the potential to harm many people.

Personal injury lawyers, along with consumer protection agencies, ensure that companies can’t just release dangerous products to the market, and a product liability lawyer can help victims hold the responsible party accountable.