A Rail Road Injury Attorney Understands FELA

by Terry Bryant

Seeking the assistance of a railroad injury attorney as promptly as possible after a train related accident can help the victim receive recompense. Careers that involve the operation of or around trains are fraught with peril, with wounds and loss of life being very real possible outcomes if anything were to go wrong.

The best way to receive the compensation deserved after an accident is to hire someone with experience in similar cases to ensure they are familiar with the laws they will be dealing with. The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) was designed to assist employees of railroads in ways that workers compensation cannot, while Locomotive Inspection Act (LIA) was put in place to prevent the use of locomotives that are unsafe. The Federal Safety Appliance Act (FSAA) is known for decreasing the occurrences of accidents by mandating that air brakes and automatic couplers are standard issue on the locomotives used today. The FELA allows for wounded parties to receive punitive damages, while general workers compensation does not. Together the FELA, LIA and FSAA provide a way for employees of this dangerous industry to protect themselves from harm, some by acting as preventative measures.

Keeping records of medical costs and the contact information of witnesses will prove to be helpful to the railroad injury attorney that is hired. Before deciding to hire anyone it should be determined if the firm is Board Certified to Specialize in Civil Trials. They should have previous experience with the FELA, and be aware that it is only applicable if the railroad’s negligence caused the damage. The reason that hiring an attorney so soon after the incident is important is that the injured party is entitled to to be fully aware of their legal rights.