A Product Liability Law Firm Can Help You Win Your case!

by Terry Bryant

In the event of an injury caused by a tangible good, many seek counsel from a product liability law firm as soon as possible. An attorney will inform the injured individual of their rights and assist in building a case that should result in proper compensation.

Liability cases are a form of consumer protection, and generally concern negligence, breach of warranty, and misrepresentation. When an item is promoted in a way that leads consumers to believe that its use is safer than it really is, this is an example of misrepresentation. The three major kinds of litigation that involve proving negligence are defects in design, manufacturing and marketing. A poor design can cause injuries, while a perfectly good design can still be dangerous due to defects in manufacturing, like cheap materials or amateur workmanship. A defect in marketing, like missing warnings or no full set of instructions can make an item that otherwise would not be harmful to consumers capable of causing injury. The damage does not have to cause an actual wound. Economic or emotional injuries are also a just cause for a suit. Negligence does not have to be proven in strict liability cases to allow compensation to be awarded.

Contacting a product liability law firm may be the answer for someone who does not want to drown in medical bills or have others subjected to the same injury from a shoddy product. A firm of this type specializes in liability lawsuits, giving them the advantage of having more experience and knowledge than a general practice attorney. Any purchased good falls under the title of product, meaning that manufacturers and distributors of almost everything, from medication to cosmetics, can have a suit filed against them.