Product Liability Attorneys Pursue A Variety Of Claims

by Terry Bryant

Every year, product liability attorneys help thousands of people who have been hurt by poorly built or designed consumer items. These cases can take on many forms, ranging from something as simple as a stepladder that collapses unexpectedly, to something as complex as an inherently dangerous vehicle. The formula is generally the same, though, no matter what item is the subject of the claim. Lawyers also have to demonstrate a similar set of proofs regardless of the item in question.

Product liability attorneys pursue claims when an item is considered to be defective due to poor manufacturing, poor design, or when documentation included with the item is poorly communicated. Manufacturing defects may include faulty wiring inside an appliance or furniture that breaks apart when it is used. Defective design may include ATVs prone to flipping or fires, or children’s toys that pose choking hazards. Poor documentation typically refers to a lack of proper warnings or clear instructions.

During a claim, the lawyer will have to demonstrate the defect to the court and explain how it caused the victim’s injuries. This is often a difficult link to establish, which is why many lawyers thoroughly research defendants for any other recalls or defective items they have been linked with. This information advantage can prove extremely valuable to a victim’s case, as can the lawyer’s ability to aggressively negotiate a settlement on the victim’s behalf.