Product Liability Attorneys Help Protect Consumers From Corporate Liability

by Terry Bryant

Product liability attorneys are responsible for protecting consumers from injury caused by corporate negligence. Consumer protection laws ensure that manufacturers, retailers, distributors and suppliers adhere to industry safety standards. This is a complicated field of law that many personal injury lawyers are experienced in. Without the help of a legal professional, a victim may be unable to seek the compensation they deserve.

In the U.S., a party may be held responsible for damages caused if they were acting in negligence. To prove negligence to the court, the plaintiff must prove four things:
•    The plaintiff must prove that safe services or goods were owed (a duty).
•    The plaintiff must prove that the defendant failed to meet their duty.
•    The plaintiff must show that an injury resulted from the defendant’s failure to meet their duty.
•    The plaintiff must show that the damages can be quantified.

If the defendant was in violation of the law at the time of the injury, they may be held responsible for acting negligently.

Proving negligence can be difficult, especially if the defendant is working in an industry that maintains low safety standards. Since the 1940s, product liability attorneys have organized cases around the doctrine of strict liability. According to this doctrine, a party may be held responsible for damages caused even if they were not acting negligently. Manufacturers, designers and retailers have an implied responsibility to ensure their goods or services are safe for public consumption. This responsibility for safety extends to anyone who could conceivably be harmed, including innocent bystanders. Since the formation of this legal doctrine, affirmed by Greenman v. Yuba Power Products, lawyers have been able to protect consumers even better.