Is A Pradaxa Lawsuit An Option For Suffering Patients?

by Terry Bryant


A Pradaxa lawsuit may alleviate the financial burden and stresses suffered by victims and their families by the new popular blood thinner Pradaxa, or dabigatran. With over 600 deaths and 2300 hemorrhages connected to the popular blood thinner, it is important that people know their options.

Dabigatran is the newest in the family of blood thinners popularly prescribed with people that live with atrial fibrillation. It helps prevent blood from clotting that can lead to strokes and heart attacks. However, it can have serious adverse reactions. People have an increased risk of uncontrollable bleeding that can lead to death.

Unfortunately, seeking help due to excessive bleeding does not help. There is no way to stop the bleeding once it starts. The patient is left with few options.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals is being held responsible for the injuries and fatalities associated with the drug. However, the FDA has yet to pull the product from the market, and the pharmaceutical company has only increased the warnings.

The victims and the victims’ families may have legal recourse. There are multidistrict litigations, MDLs, and bellwether trials that have already received future dates in court. Plaintiffs may join current actions in an attempt to gain compensation and restitution for damages done. In addition, a plaintiff may decide to file a Pradaxa lawsuit separately, depending on the advice from a qualified drug injury attorney.

Important Warning: Do NOT stop taking the medication without first contacting a physician. Suddenly stopping the medication can increase the risk of stroke and serious bleeding. A doctor will be able to work with the patient to stop the medication.

Most medications help relieve injuries and illnesses; however, some medications need to be further investigated to guarantee the safety of the patients. The pharmaceutical company released the drug dabigatran without fully understanding the adverse reactions. If someone has suffered because of the negligence of the pharmaceutical company there are legal actions that can be pursued to get the victim restitution. A Pradaxa lawsuit is there to help.