A Plant Explosion Can Cause Serious Injuries

by Terry Bryant

While a plant explosion is a rare occurrence, it is a massive disaster that can cause serious injuries to workers and those living near the facility. Loss of life is common in these accidents, and those who survive will often have a long road to recovery. For this reason, facility owners and managers must maintain strict controls regarding worker safety and factory maintenance. Unfortunately, nearly every facility accident can be attributed to a safety failure at some point, and many managers are willing to take too many risks with their employees.

Many of the injuries caused by a plant explosion are permanent and debilitating. Broken bones, severe burns, internal injuries, spine injuries, and brain injuries can result from the detonation or the fire that precedes it. These injuries are often debilitating to the point that an employee cannot return to work or live without assistance. The financial toll, as well as the physical and emotional toll, can be absolutely overwhelming, which is why many families turn to personal injury attorneys for help. Facility managers and owners have a duty to their employees to provide a safe working environment, and when they fail to do so, they must be held responsible for their negligence.

There can be a number of safety failures prior to any plant explosion, many of which will only be apparent after disaster strikes. Deteriorating equipment can produce electrical failures or grind, producing sparks. Dust collection or ventilation technology in the facility may be outdated or too dirty to function well. Hazardous materials may be improperly stored. No matter the cause, all of these problems could be mitigated by regular inspections, but these are also too infrequent in many cases. The Deep Water Horizon platform fire and detonation, for example, could have been prevented if BP managers had demanded safety reviews of equipment and personnel on the platform. Instead, BP demanded higher production at the expense of safety, pushing the risk of a fire or blowout beyond acceptable boundaries.

Even after a worker is injured, the company will work to marginalize them and deflect blame. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help keep this from happening, giving an injured worker a chance at the justice and compensation they deserve.